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Reduce foundation costs, Avoid bad weather delays, Minimise site clearance - Choose ...Advanced Timber-Frame Foundation Technology
- the smart way to start your building -

Freedom to Build - and to Save Time & Money
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No Problem?
The Government estimates that 3.8 million more new homes are needed in the next 15 years.  That means building over 100,000 more than the 150,000 a year we build today.  But they are also telling us that we have to accept more legislation, more environmental requirements, a shortage of good land, more difficult planning issues, and increased pressure to build on infill land and brown-field sites.

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Your 'cleaner, leaner' solution
When you choose Benfield ATT to design, manufacture, or erect your timber frames and trusses, you also gain access to a comprehensive set of building solutions.  An important element in these is the foundations.

Designed and engineered specifically for your project, on average we reckon that we can save you 15% - 20% as compared with the cost of conventional foundations   If you have a very sloping or brown-field site, this can even be as high as 50%.  Better still, we can reduce or eliminate site levelling and excavation, minimise or avoid the need to cart soil away, often overcome the need for soil remediation, and handle local authority, Zurich, NHBC and similar approvals.

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Reduced Overheads ... and more!
Not only do you save time and money on your site works, but our professional services enable you to make similar savings on your overheads while at the same time reducing your risks, increasing programme certainty, and
improving your cash flow.  

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Take a look at these benefits:-

  • reduce or avoid  problems associated with foundations, like bad weather, frost, unstable ground, excavation, ground water.

  • keep your site clean, with minimum disruption to the ground and reduced risk of accidents.  This also makes handling your on site COSSH and other Health & Safety issues much easier.

  • achieve shorter programme times, keep to programme, and reduce tipping costs by minimising soil away and contamination treatment costs

  • easily install gas proof membranes if required

  • eliminate slab drying out and cure times, enabling frame erection to proceed in one seamlessly smooth operation

  • impress visitors, inspectors and prospective purchasers with a cleaner, safer appearance

  • eliminate heavy rigs and other site equipment, avoid churning up your site, and cut down on plant hire and associated costs

  • make best use of tight, constrained sites with our micro sized equipment that is able to access and work in the most confined spaces, especially those adjacent to existing buildings, boundaries and party walls

  • reduced vibration and noise minimise inconvenience and nuisance for neighbours, observe environmental constraints, and improve your image and public relations

  • tackle urban and inner city redevelopment sites with flair and ease.

  • overcome many of the delays and costs that can be caused by site obstructions, like old foundations and services

  • pass local authority, NHBC, Zurich, etc. certifications and approvals to us

  • maximise your site's aesthetic and environmental appeal by preserving trees and working closer to them than with conventional foundations

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'Better Build Benfield'

"... the sustainable way to build ..."

United Kingdom Accreditation Service, certifying your timber frame project is manufactured and erected to reliable and quality ISO 9001:2000 procedures SGS - Society General de Surveillance ensures that quality systems and procedures are used in the design, manufacture and erection of your engineered timberframe structure is of the highest standard FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Timber Frame certification. Benfield ATT hold Chain of Custody certification for the Design, Sales, Manufacture & Distribution of Engineered Timber Structures – FSC endorsed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF and EcoHomes Investors in People, Benfield ATT are one of a few timber frame companies to hold an award for the training and ongoing development of their people and service

Chartered Building Consultancy - timber frame, OSM (off-site manufacture) and engineered timber structure advisors. Timber Research and Development Association – our work with TRADA ensures high quality, eco-friendly engineered Timber Frame build projects. The Green Register of Construction Professionals - Benfield ATT's membership demonstrates our passion for environmentally sustainable timber frame self-builds, new homes, schools and social housing for local housing authorities AECB - Association of Environment Conscious Building – our FSC certified timber frame is endorsed by The Ecology Building Society Impact Upon Society Big Tick Award from Business in the Community – BITC – award-winning timber frame company within the Timber-frame industry TRA - Trussed Rafter Association – our membership assures Timberframe Trusses, Trussed Rafters, roofs and complex and innovative roofscapes are quality HBF - the only developer partnering timber frame company to be members of the House Builders Federation. Wales Quality Centre – members and committee members, we ensure the highest quality, especially when coupled with ISO 9001, FSC certification and Q-Mark Plus standards RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, assures our customers of our professionalism in wood and timber frame building and developing and surveying

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