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Advanced Timber-Frame Technology
- l
ower heating costs, higher building standards, greater comfort, better economy -

Freedom to Build Your Home, Your Way

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Timber Frame -v- Wet Trades

Welcome - to the world of factory built, pre-fabricated timber frame kit houses for developers and self builders.  A world where custom designed eco-homes are snug, warm and draught free; a world where low running costs are matched by precision engineered quality; a world where, by using pre-fabricated timber eco-homes, new homes, house extensions, rooms in roof, attics, home offices, granny flats, and so on, don't need to come at the expense of future generations.
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The Choice is Yours - Right across the developed world more people choose timber frame than any other building system, with  timber-frame accounting for some 70% of low rise family housing.  In the UK more and more builders are choosing to build houses of all shapes and sizes, right up to multi-storey flats, using factory built housing in natural wood timber frame.  Most of the top 25 companies and virtually all self builders now use system for self build wooden kit houses.  So more and more people are finding out what it's like to enjoy living in a timber frame home.

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More Comfort and less expensive to heat - Nowadays all new buildings have to conform to new thermal efficiency standards.  But because wood is such a good natural insulator, enhancing the efficiency of the insulation materials, timber frame buildings have been meeting, and  exceeding, these standards for years.  And they are more comfortable to live in, thanks to the excellent insulation of the structural shell, the whole home heats up more quickly, without any cold areas.  Better insulation, hand-in-hand with detailed draught proofing, means a smaller boiler, lower heating bills, and a cosier, more comfortable home.
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Better Built? - Precious little has changed in the way masonry houses have been built over the years.  They rely on the building skills of a dwindling number of craftsmen working on messy sites in all weathers.  Timber frame homes, on the other hand, are precision-engineered under factory conditions, doing away with many of the building processes that were needlessly done on site.  Room dimensions are more accurate too - useful when you're fitting a kitchen or a carpet!  A 'dry' plasterboard lining system is used, rather than wet plaster, allowing decoration to be carried out immediately the house is finished and eliminating the need to make good where shrinkage of on site plastering has occurred.
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NHBC - The National House Building Council -  records show fewer problems with timber frame houses than other construction methods.  When you choose a Benfield Advanced Timber-Frame Technology you can rest assured that the frame design, manufacture and build are covered by an independently monitored Quality Assurance scheme. 
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A Better World - As well as using less energy to heat, timber frame homes use less energy to build, because wood grows naturally, needing only minimal energy to fell, mill, transport and construct.  By contrast, the production of concrete blocks, bricks, plaster, cement, steel and so on takes a great deal of energy and creates unwanted pollution.   

Using more wood is a good way to help reduce the growth of global warming because wood is a renewable building material.  As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out the oxygen we breath.
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More Trees - In Northern Europe, our forests are managed so that there are more trees growing than being harvested.  In fact the annual surplus of growth over harvest is a staggering 252 million cubic metres - roughly 30 times the UK's total annual consumption of wood (source: UN-ECE FAO TBFRA 2000)
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From Self Build to Multi-Storey - One  in ten of the new homes built every year in the UK is 'self-build', i.e. an individually commissioned house, either built by the owners themselves, by a builder, or by a combination of both.

And 9 out of 10 of these 'self-builders' choose timber frame.  Because no other building method is as simple, versatile, or cost effective.

Contact us for more information on how to go about building your own home and on the range of timber frame housing types and styles available.
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Further Information, the Choice is Yours -   We believe passionately that timber frame is the best solution for most homes.  But it's your choice.  If you would like further information on specific aspects of timber frame, please contact us.  We are here to help you.  
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Your Questions Answered:
Q: "How is a timber frame house different from a masonry house?"
A modern masonry house is normally made of an inner supporting wall of concrete blocks and an outer supporting wall of brick.  A modern timber frame house replaces the inner wall with a timber frame strong enough to carry all the loads of the house.  This is usually covered by the plasterboard internally and a brick, stone or timber 'siding' external finish.
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Q: "Are you more at risk from fire in a timber frame house?" 
A: No. In common with all other forms of construction in the UK, timber frame has to meet all Building Regulations.  Safety in timber frame is our number one
commitment and timber frame has an excellent performance record.
commitment and timber frame has an excellent performance record.
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Q: "Will a timber frame home last?"
A: Yes.  A new timber frame home will last as well as, if not better than, any other type of new home.  Softwood timber frame houses have been built in the UK since the 19th Century and are still going strong.  Your timber frame home will still be there for your great grandchildren to enjoy ... and beyond.
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Q: "Will I get a mortgage on a timber frame home?"
Yes.  But don't just take our word for it.  Patrick Snowden, Head of the Professional Services said; "Halifax takes the view that properly constructed timber frame housing with a suitable external cladding is equally as good as housing suitable external cladding is equally as good as housing which is brick or block and we make no differentiation in the lending terms offered on either form of construction."
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Q: "Will I have to pay more for insurance?"
A: No.  The Association of British Insurers says;
"Insurance companies generally draw no distinction between modern timber frame and brick and block construction, provided the external roof covering is also of tiles, natural or mineral slates, or concrete."
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Q: "Will a timber frame house look different?"
No. Typically, timber frame houses are clad in brick and look like any other house.  But a range of materials are suitable, e.g. stone, block and render, or timber boarding.
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Q: "Can I still do DIY jobs around my timber frame home?" 
Yese.  Many jobs are easier, because of the good fixing you can get in the vertical studs (structural timbers).  But, as always with DIY activities, you need to follow health and safety guidelines and a few simple rules.  Visit www.timber-frame.org, or contact us for free advice.
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Q: "Are timber frame homes quiet?"
A: Yes.  Modern timber frame systems enjoy better acoustic insulation qualities than masonry and fully conform to, or exceed, the latest Building Regulations.  So you'll stay on speaking terms with your neighbours (but not through the wall!)  
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Wherever you are ... Whatever you need ....

'Better Build Benfield'

"... the sustainable way to build ..."

United Kingdom Accreditation Service, certifying your timber frame project is manufactured and erected to reliable and quality ISO 9001:2000 procedures SGS - Society General de Surveillance ensures that quality systems and procedures are used in the design, manufacture and erection of your engineered timberframe structure is of the highest standard FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Timber Frame certification. Benfield ATT hold Chain of Custody certification for the Design, Sales, Manufacture & Distribution of Engineered Timber Structures – FSC endorsed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF and EcoHomes Investors in People, Benfield ATT are one of a few timber frame companies to hold an award for the training and ongoing development of their people and service

Chartered Building Consultancy - timber frame, OSM (off-site manufacture) and engineered timber structure advisors. Timber Research and Development Association – our work with TRADA ensures high quality, eco-friendly engineered Timber Frame build projects. The Green Register of Construction Professionals - Benfield ATT's membership demonstrates our passion for environmentally sustainable timber frame self-builds, new homes, schools and social housing for local housing authorities AECB - Association of Environment Conscious Building – our FSC certified timber frame is endorsed by The Ecology Building Society Impact Upon Society Big Tick Award from Business in the Community – BITC – award-winning timber frame company within the Timber-frame industry TRA - Trussed Rafter Association – our membership assures Timberframe Trusses, Trussed Rafters, roofs and complex and innovative roofscapes are quality HBF - the only developer partnering timber frame company to be members of the House Builders Federation. Wales Quality Centre – members and committee members, we ensure the highest quality, especially when coupled with ISO 9001, FSC certification and Q-Mark Plus standards RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, assures our customers of our professionalism in wood and timber frame building and developing and surveying

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