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Architecture, Design, Planning, Surveying  Best Practice Building Regulations  Conservation  Housing  Land & Finance      Materials & Equipment News, Books, General Information    Self Builders    Sustainable Development   
Wood, Timber & Timber Frame

ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, PLANNING, SURVEYING is one of the world's most extensive built environment portals. Here you can find an architect, understand more about architecture or learn how to become an architect, all courtesy of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

green home building How we build our homes, both in design and choice of materials, is one of the most significant ways that we can affect our future. Much of the concern boils down to the use of energy. How much energy is embodied in the building materials themselves, in their transportation and assembling? Then once the house is built, how much energy does it consume to keep its inhabitants comfortable? Consumption of energy has a direct influence on environmental quality, because of the inherent pollution through greenhouse gasses and other emissions. The Green Home Building site provides a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building. 

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors  An independent, not-for-profit organisation, RICS acts in the public interest, upholding standards of competence and integrity among its members and providing impartial, authoritative advice on major issues affecting business and society worldwide. 

Architects, Designers & Project Managers selection  

Timber Frame Houses, by Michael Morris and Dick Priozzolo Anyone who steps inside a timber-frame, or post-and-beam, house for the first time invariably comes away impressed — even a bit awed — by what is encountered.  

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Benchmarking - 'lean construction', 'margins', 'supply chain', 'excellence', compare your performance with industry norms

Benchmarking and Supply Chain Management Software Calculate and analyse business performance.  Supply Chain Management software for the construction industry.  Project based sales & marketing software for the construction industry. Business-to- business sales & marketing software for everyone else.

Business Advice - much of it free, from the national chain of Business Link offices

Housing Forum - disseminates fresh demonstrations of organisational change and site based projects covering sustainability, recruitment, training, strategic partnering, improved IT, etc..  

Small Business Focus - weekly news events and tips from the Company Engagement Unit to promote Construction Best Practice

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Building Regulations Approved Documents  Fire safety, Sound Insulation

New part C proposals - consultation paper on site preparation and moisture resistance, with special reference to Brownfield development

BRAC Annual Report - provides policy and practical advice on the regulations applied in England & Wales

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Heritage Information Trust - national database of consultants, contractors, craftspeople, products, services, and information to match users demands with capable firms

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EU Housing Statistics  Statistics in the European Union is a new publication put together by the Department of Housing of the Directorate General for Housing, Housing & Heritage of the Walloon Region of Belgium

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Finance & Development Support

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The Building Centre the UK's largest permanent exhibition and source of extensive information and research covering building products, materials, standards and regulations  

Franklin + Andrews - latest news and availability on construction price guides and CD ROM.  The website features, Spons, Griffiths and Hutchins price books

Building Materials

Heating & Ventilation 

Hire Shops, Scaffolding, & Caravans 

Reclaimed Products 


Tools & Equipment 

Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Paint Advisory Bureau Help and advice on selection of coatings, surface preparation, Problem Solving.

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Buy Timber-Frame Houses (Fine Homebuilding/Great Houses) at a huge selection of books on Timber-Frame Houses (Fine Homebuilding/Great Houses).  

ODPM | Housing Signpost Number 11   Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Housing Signpost Number 11 Self Build Houses The Joseph Rowntree Foundation The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is the UK’s largest independent social policy research and development charity.

Franklin + Andrews - latest news and availability on construction price guides and CD ROM.  The website features, Spons, Griffiths and Hutchins price books

Timber-Frame Houses  A thorough introduction to modern timber framing

Other Self Build Books

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General Self Build 

Do I Need a Builder Extract from The Housebuilder's Bible (Ch 5, Section 2, Working with Builders)

WSSBT - Walter Segal Self Build Trust - building your own home.  UK charity advising on group self build, ecological design, community initiatives & training 

Introduction to Environmentally Friendly Timber Frame Self Build  A one day course to be held in various venues around the UK. This is a short introductory course designed for anyone interested in self build. The aim is inform and inspire, so information presented will not be too technical.

Self Build to Take Big Market Share  New research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that self build homes are making a significant impact on the property market  

The Selfbuild Discussion Board is open to all people who are either interested or engaged in selfbuilding. It is independent and not allied to any manufacturer. Manufacturers are welcome to give advice and inform of their products. All manner of topic may be discussed relating from: land, planning, design, the build process and materials. 

Self Build Groups

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Energy saving lighting solutions 

Foundations for the Future   Sustainable Development is at the heart of this country's agenda, globally, nationally and locally. It forms a framework to ensure that decisions taken today support people's needs now and in the future. By choosing to take part in this agenda, associations have an unrivalled opportunity. They can help bring about real social, economic and environmental improvements to the opportunities and quality of life available to people living in cities, towns and villages.

Green Products selection 

ISL solar energy links page  SOLAR & RENEWABLE ENERGY LINKS Energy and Imagination Limited Solar Trade Association (STA) UK trade body for suppliers and installers of solar systems and a useful source of impartial information on solar energy.

Manufacturing the future - conference tackling the benefits of off-site manufacture and system building, "...reduced construction times, good design, best possible use of land, energy efficiency, and lower fuel bills are just some of the benefits that can be achieved through the use of off-site manufacture" Lord Rookes, minister for housing, planning and regeneration.

Sustainable Homes promotes awareness of sustainable development issues and good practice, and encourages housing associations to adopt sustainable and environmental policies and practices. The social, economic and environmental impacts of housing associations need to be sustainable. There are compelling reasons why housing associations should adopt sustainable development as a core business aim; not only because Government and the Housing Corporation are requesting it, but because it makes good sense.

Sustainability Works: The guide for anyone interested in developing sustainable housing.  You are invited to consider 8 interlinked topics: land, buildings, society, travel, waste. landscape, energy and water.  A full guide is provided for information and research.  Use this to predict a BRE rating for a project, produce a Housing Corporation Sustainability Toolkit report, make a Housing Quality Indicators submission.

Timber frame offers a genuinely sustainable method of construction.  In the 21st century, timber frame is one of the most advanced forms of construction. Factory prefabrication ensures high quality, reduces overall build costs and shortens programmes. Over 70% of the population in the developed world live in timber frame housing.  

Waste Water

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Timber Frame 2000  The well-documented Timber Frame 2000 project provided a six-storey experimental timber frame building (Figure 1), the first of its kind in the world, for the sole purpose of investigating the performance and economic prospects of medium-rise timber frame buildings in the UK. The majority of associated research projects conducted on this building have been completed and the results presented on an international forum. This paper summarises the TF2000 project to date and provides salient results from research conducted on the experimental building.

UK Timber Frame Association   As well as promoting timber frame construction, UKTFA provides technical guidance

Timber Research & Development Association (TRADA)   The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) - is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products  

The Wood Shop  aims to promote the use of quality wood products and best practice through independent assessment, representation, technical support and promotion.

Wood for Good  Why is timber frame the fastest growing method of construction in the UK?

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Architecture, Design, Planning, Surveying  Best Practice Building Regulations  Conservation  Housing  Land & Finance      Materials & Equipment News, Books, General Information    Self Builders    Sustainable Development   
Wood, Timber & Timber Frame


Wherever you are ... Whatever you need ....

'Better Build Benfield'

"... the sustainable way to build ..."

United Kingdom Accreditation Service, certifying your timber frame project is manufactured and erected to reliable and quality ISO 9001:2000 procedures SGS - Society General de Surveillance ensures that quality systems and procedures are used in the design, manufacture and erection of your engineered timberframe structure is of the highest standard FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Timber Frame certification. Benfield ATT hold Chain of Custody certification for the Design, Sales, Manufacture & Distribution of Engineered Timber Structures – FSC endorsed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF and EcoHomes Investors in People, Benfield ATT are one of a few timber frame companies to hold an award for the training and ongoing development of their people and service

Chartered Building Consultancy - timber frame, OSM (off-site manufacture) and engineered timber structure advisors. Timber Research and Development Association – our work with TRADA ensures high quality, eco-friendly engineered Timber Frame build projects. The Green Register of Construction Professionals - Benfield ATT's membership demonstrates our passion for environmentally sustainable timber frame self-builds, new homes, schools and social housing for local housing authorities AECB - Association of Environment Conscious Building – our FSC certified timber frame is endorsed by The Ecology Building Society Impact Upon Society Big Tick Award from Business in the Community – BITC – award-winning timber frame company within the Timber-frame industry TRA - Trussed Rafter Association – our membership assures Timberframe Trusses, Trussed Rafters, roofs and complex and innovative roofscapes are quality HBF - the only developer partnering timber frame company to be members of the House Builders Federation. Wales Quality Centre – members and committee members, we ensure the highest quality, especially when coupled with ISO 9001, FSC certification and Q-Mark Plus standards RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, assures our customers of our professionalism in wood and timber frame building and developing and surveying

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